Welcome to SoapUI section of the Tips and Tricks portal

Aim of this section is to share couple of tips and tricks which can be followed to get unblocked in some for testing very common situations. Just like many of us around the world I was not able to use PRO version of this powerful tool although I would have liked to. Nevertheless almost everything what can be done in PRO version can also be done in FREE version using some workarounds.

Ussualy it takes some little Groovy script to make things happen.

Motivation: Ever since I was facing some issues with SoapUI I was not able to find any full example of the solution. Whether it was lack of my searching skills or lack of time preventing me from reading plenty of text I dont know, but I always ended up on stackoverflow.com finding bits and bites. Long story short; in this portal I would like to share with you full story workarounds I used to address my challenges.

What to expect: Maybe better to start with what not to expect. Do not expect complex solutions with long and shiny scripts. Instead expect simple SoapUI projects with short and probably not the best Groovy scripts in the World. The point is to give you some hints and ideas. Everybody can improve and adjust as he wishes later.

How to use it: Simply follow the instructions in the tutorials which are full of pictures. At the end of each tutorial you should have a working SoapUI project addressing some basic testing topics. After that use what you have learnt on your own risk.

Currently available tutorials:

Tutorials being prepared: